Cohen’s Birth Story

I have known for the last week that there was a chance I was going to be induced.

As the week passed, I prayed I would go into labor on my own. I  wasn’t extremely comfortable with the idea of an induction, but when my doctor suggested this was the best option given my history of traumatically fast labors, I chose to trust her. She told me that if this baby wasn’t born by 39 weeks, I would have to come in. When we hit the 39 week point, I had to be induced.

Cohen’s Birth Story

One Ruud Mom: Cohen's Birth Story - Within an hour of my water breaking, we had a baby. A quite relaxing day ended with a bang. Here's to the tiny human who made me a mom of two under two!

Once again, I cannot complain about labor and delivery.

I was told to call the hospital at 6:00 in the morning to verify it was okay to be in by 7:00. It was a good thing I called because they did not have enough nurses on staff and asked me to call back at 9:00. With the extra time, I did my hair. I was bound and determined to look decent in photos with at least one of my kids!

When I called back, I was given the okay to come in. Since our bags had been packed for a couple of weeks, all I had to do was call my parents to pick up our oldest before heading to the hospital. That was all I had to do. Joel, on the other hand, he couldn’t get ready fast to save his life. It has become a serious plight in our relationship. Having been crabby and uncontrollably hormonal the past few weeks, when I realized we were going to be late for my own induction, I became a little murdery. In hindsight, it was all very silly since my parents showed up, we got our stuff in the car, and we made it to the hospital all by 9:30. (Those last fifteen minutes, though…felt like for-eh-verrr.)

Upon our arrival at the hospital we were escorted up to Labor & Delivery.

The nurse assigned to us for the day was the most delightful human. She was very easy-going and more than okay with us taking everything slow. We were big fans of her.

I knew going in for my induction that my doctor had wanted me in by 7:00 in the morning because she had a surgery to perform at noon and was certain I’d have a baby by then. Because I was not able to get in on time,, the chances of her delivering our baby were pretty slim. She still wanted to take a chance, though, so a nurse shot me up with Pitocin immediately and others hurried to get the room ready.

As nurses were flying in and out, setting stuff up, my history of fast deliveries was a hot topic.

Every new nurse that came in said something along the lines of, “I heard you mean business!”. I laughed through my contractions, which hurt, but weren’t too bad. Again, I opted for an epidural. Despite how badly getting the shot hurt last time, delivering a baby sans meds hurts more. I was convinced I’d regret not getting the shot.

Once I got the epidural, I became really sleepy and actually ended up taking an hour long nap.

After my nap, I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t mind, but I noticed that the window to having my doctor deliver one of my kids, had closed. It was decided that if my water didn’t break by 3:00 that afternoon, our favorite nurse would break it. I prayed that he’d come naturally before I started to feel anything again. That didn’t happen!

In a flash, the easy-going-ness of the day hit the fan.

My water was broken at 3:00 as discussed, but as soon as I felt the gush, I felt the pain. I felt everything. All of the feeling I had lost in my legs rushed back, I could feel the catheter digging into my back, I felt every contraction until all I could feel were contractions. It was excruciating. Having had two kids before, I never felt the pain I felt with this one. I hadn’t complained about pain or even mentioned I was uncomfortable all day so our favorite nurse was concerned. We had all come to the realization that the epidural had worn off and now that my water had broken there might not be anything we could do.

I started to freak out a bit, which worried Joel. Our nurse ran to find the anesthesiologist because he hadn’t answered her page. For only a moment, we were in the room all by ourselves and then, I felt the pressure.

The baby was coming.

My contractions were closer together than ever and I could no longer lie on my side. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to lie on my back, but my body was telling me we needed to turn. Joel asked me what to do and I told him we needed a nurse stat. Like only Joel could, he hit the emergency call button and politely stated, “I think we need a nurse in here.”. I knew that was not urgent enough and apparently so did my inner demon because I barked, “WE NEED A NURSE NOW. THE BABY IS COMING OUT!”. I apologized to Joel for whatever demonic voice had just left my body. I could see that he was terrified. Even though I wasn’t pushing, the baby was coming and Joel saw his head.

For a split second, we thought Joel was going to deliver the baby. Then two nurses came running in. I felt it necessary to apologize to the nurses and explain that I was not trying to push, but before I could say anything, one of them yelled, “She’s crowning!” as she dove to the bottom of the bed.

She caught him.

You read that right. She caught him.Within an hour of my water breaking, we had another baby.

Fortunately, she had made it to the end of the bed in time. This child almost shot himself out on the floor! He was literally caught by a nurse. Two seconds later, he would have been on the floor. This fact that still has me scratching my head. Within an hour of my water breaking, we had another baby. Throughout this entire pregnancy, my plan was to go to the hospital when my water broke. I know now, I can’t do that. Had I waited, he probably would have been delivered by his brother. I’m grateful that didn’t happen. Even more grateful that he is here.

One Ruud Mom: Cohen's Birth Story - Within an hour of my water breaking, we had a baby. A quite relaxing day ended with a bang. Here's to the tiny human who made me a mom of two under two!

A most relaxing day ended with a bang.

But he’s perfect, big, and healthy. Bigger than he looks too. The nurses’ weight guesses were off by a whole two pounds! He’s big, feels small, and we know he’s mighty. He fits into our family perfectly and he is so loved already.

It’s pretty remarkable to me that my body gears up to deliver babies like that. I know it seems like a blessing to be able to deliver babies so fast, it is quite traumatic after the fact. This is a birth story that will stick with me for a while. Feeling everything the way that I did, everything happening as fast as it did, I don’t see myself forgetting these details any time soon. And I can’t help but wonder if this is a sign of things to come…

Here’s to the tiny human who made me a mom of two under two!

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