Everything Else

There is much more to me than being a doting and awkward mother.

From married life, adoption, and mental health to local fun, crafts, recipes, DIY, beauty, fashion, and fitness; I am a human with many layers and I like to share them.

Here is where you will find everything else.

I write A LOT. A lot, a lot. And I have a tendency to overshare. For some people, that’s cool. For others, it can be too much. Too much to look at and too much to read.

Which is why I am giving you viewing options!

Options for those who like to click around, those who like see things one at a time, and for those who like it all on one page. Above, you can click on most of the categories I write about in this post and it will take you to each archive b y category. You can also view the archives of each category from the menu at the top of my site. Or you can keep scrolling to see my various pieces in a grid-view below.

Thank you for visiting, I am thrilled you are checking out my space.

Here’s to you getting to know way more about me than you ever wanted!

One Ruud Mom by Jules Ruud - because motherhood isn't black and white, it's a freaking rainbow on acid.